Healthcare System Considerations

In the United States it is often said that our Health Care System is broken. In other nations they claim to have free-universal health care to protect their people. Unfortunately, when looking at all the other nation’s health care systems, they indeed fall short and adequate care is often not available. Or there are long waiting lists and lots of red-tape, excuses and qualifications to get certain types of care. So, it’s not always as green on the other side of the pond as one might think.

Indeed in our country, we have private health care plans, which seem to work well, as insurance coverage is available to anyone wishing to buy it. Many companies offer some health care benefits to employees, but not all. Most small businesses do not have adequate coverage for their employees. But then again what is adequate, in other countries it’s all free, but folks complain it is inadequate still.

Still, with all the choices we have in the US for health insurance in the private sector, and overlays to protect those with no insurance in the public sector, it is amazing that everything is so gosh-darn complicated. You see coverages from private health care plans vary so much, it’s hard to be sure you are buying the right insurance.

When it comes to the government’s health care system with Medicade, Medicare and the likes, it is truly insane how complicated it all is. For senior citizens it is downright unfair, because they have no idea what is going on and it is mentally taxing just trying to understand all the rules, rules that keep changing like the political wind.